Cory Asbury's Story Behind the Song "Reckless Love"

Cory Asbury

Cory Asbury seemingly appeared out of nowhere when his song “Reckless Love” heated up the radio airwaves and took the globe by storm as churches around the world began claiming his anthem as their own.
The song holds deep personal significance for the Bethel Music artist...
“This is the story of the last eight to ten years of my life. It’s the most dear thing. Every time I sing it, it’s special; it’s new again, because I know where it was born. I know that it was born in the trenches. Sometimes, when something is born in the trenches of your faith—meaning where faith is actually tested—and it comes out fire-tested, it’s proven ... that’s what this song is for me,” he says. 
Cory’s daughter, who’s now four years old and healthy, experienced numerous health complications when she was first born. In fact, Cory and his wife thought they’d lost their daughter on two different occasions. It was a scary time for the couple, but also a real-life season that birthed one of the biggest songs of this decade.
“It’s in that crucible of faith where you go, ‘God, are You good, or are You not? I’ve said my whole life that You’re good, but what do I actually believe?’ And that’s what I had to wrestle with,” Cory admits. “My faith become real to me in that moment.”
“Reckless Love” has been translated into numerous languages around the world, and the stories have poured in as people have heard the song in their native tongue.
Cory shares one such story he read from a listener: “Last night I heard your song. I was on the brink of suicide. I was actually planning to take my life. I randomly heard your song, and for the first time, God’s love made sense.”
“When you hear something like that,” Cory says, “that the love of God makes sense to someone—that’s when I feel like I’ve done what I’ve set out to do.”
“Reckless Love” is the title track of Cory’s debut album for Bethel Music.

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