What Does A Life Of Faith Look Like?

By: Pastor Tim

“For the Scriptures tell us, 'Abraham believed God, and God counted him as righteous because of his faith.'” Romans 4:3 (NLT)

Abraham is the father of our faith. What was it about Abraham's faith that caused God to count him as righteous? More importantly, what can Abraham's life teach us about trusting God and living a life of faith-even if He makes us wait?

If you look at the story of Abraham in Genesis 12:1-5, you'll discover some practical steps Abraham took to put feet to his faith. First, the Lord asked Abraham to leave his home to go to a new place. Abraham put his faith into action by responding to God's call, even when he didn't have all the details. He didn't know where God was leading him. He didn't know how long it would take him to get there; and since his wife was barren, he had absolutely no idea how he'd become the father of many nations.

Second, Abraham uprooted his family to honor God's call and head to a foreign land. That was a bold step of obedience. Not only was his future at stake, but he was also banking the future of his family on the faithfulness of God.

Regardless, Abraham trusted what he couldn't see more than what he could see. Abraham's faith was clearly bigger than his fear. He took God at His word and believed His promises would come to pass.

1. Looking back at Abraham's story, we see that God gave Abraham seven promises: 

1. Abraham would become a great nation.

2. God would bless Abraham.

3. God would make Abraham's name famous.

4. Abraham would be a blessing to others.

5. God would bless those who blessed Abraham.

6. God would curse those who cursed Abraham.

7. All the families on earth would be blessed through Abraham.

Has God ever given you a promise? Maybe He's given you a promise, but you're still waiting for Him to fulfill it. Maybe your “Promised Land” is healing; or maybe your “Promised Land” is a baby. Maybe your “Promised Land” is financial security or a restored marriage. Whatever you're waiting for, I think Abraham would tell you to keep trusting, because God always keeps His promises.

As for Abraham, today His descendants number more than the stars. God blessed him immensely. He is indeed the father of a great nation. And I'd say he's pretty famous. After all, we're still talking about him today. 

Digging Deeper:

  • What are some areas in your life where God is calling you to have faith?
  • What promise has God given you that you're still waiting on?

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