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Night To Shine 2021: Different, Still Encouraging - Tebows Visit 3 'Shine-Thru' Sites


This year, Night to Shine was hosted on February 12, by 470 churches simultaneously, from coast to coast and in 32 countries around the world.

"I am so overwhelmed by the support shown for the 2021 Night to Shine. Six months ago, we could not say with certainty exactly what this night would look like. But we knew two things for sure. First, we could not allow the opportunity to love those who need it most to simply pass us by. For our friends who have been so significantly impacted by the ongoing pandemic, it was imperative that we stepped up to show them that they are not only not forgotten…they are Royalty! Secondly, with God, all things are possible. In His way and His timing, through prayer and much conversation with wise council, He led us to the best possible solutions within the challenges we faced." - Tim Tebow

Night to Shine was created in 2015 as a worldwide prom for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

Tim Tebow was able to safely surprise volunteers and guests at three different Shine-Thru locations: Journey Church/Tucson, The Crossing/Las Vegas, Canyon Ridge Church/Las Vegas.

Tim and his wife Demi, accompanied by several generous and faithful supporters of Night to Shine, encouraged the guests and volunteers while socially distanced, cheering and dancing along the red carpet as the honored guests drove down in style, and shared the message of God's love with all involved.

"With the help of thousands around the world - our incredible host churches, event coordinators, volunteers, families and caregivers, sponsors and more - this year's Night to Shine will always be one to remember. From hundreds of events including socially distanced in-person Shine-Thru, yard “shines,” gift deliveries, pre-party or after-party Zoom meetups, to the countless Kings and Queens around the world who came together via a virtual prom, this year's event has been an opportunity to reach more people than ever before with God's love. It has reminded us all that Faith, Hope and Love will not only endure, but will always shine the brightest in the darkest of seasons. As we look ahead to next year, we do so believing more strongly than ever that Night to Shine is not just a one-night event. It is a worldwide movement to be the hands and feet of Jesus in all places and in all times.” 


From a parent at The Genesis Project in Riverdale, Utah

"We are so grateful for the Tim Tebow Foundation, for Night to Shine, and for our church, the Genesis Project. COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone, especially those with special needs. But this is one night where my daughter and her friends can feel like royalty. In the scriptures it says, 'whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters, you did for me.' The reality is that 'we' are the least of these. They are the greater. These adults with special needs are the true example of the love of Christ, and were sent to earth to teach us how to love."

From an event coordinator at Valley View Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"This year was especially difficult because this is the first year in which we lost Kings and Queens from previous years. We lost a total of eight individuals. We knew these individuals were in a better place and still able to dance the night away, but this time with Jesus! We made a plan to make memorial crowns to deliver to their parents to celebrate them and remind them that their loved one is still a King or Queen to us. It was very moving and emotional delivering these crowns to the parents, but seeing all the tears of love, joy, happiness, gratitude, and hope on their faces reminded us that we have the greatest service of all! We serve the individuals that are seen as least in society, but who God sees as the greatest!"

From an Honored Guest at Friedens Lutheran Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin

*Gavin is non-verbal, but shared his thoughts via a voice to text device

It is a real shame that COVID has put a stop to so many pleasurable events. Over the years I have loved hanging out with friends and enjoying the good food, dancing, and most of all, the unlimited limo rides at Night to Shine. COVID or not, we must never stop shining our light bright. Now more than ever we need to be the light in this often dark world. Love God. Be kind, caring, and loving to others. It is wonderful the way God’s love shines through the people at Night to Shine who are committed to making us all feel it's okay to just be ourselves. God does not make mistakes; we are all His masterpieces!"

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