What We Missed About In-Person Church During Pandemic - And What's Planned For Easter?



Barna Research

As Easter 2021 arrives, and there's still uncertainty about the COVID situation, Barna Research has put together an overview of what many church-goers miss (or missed) the most about not being able to meet and worship inside their church:

"Across age groups, commonly missed themes included taking communion / Eucharist and having the chance to meet new people, though more unique differences did emerge within the data. Researchers found that Boomers are more likely than Millennials to say that they miss socializing with people before and after service (27% Boomers vs. 17% Millennials). Meanwhile, Millennials—along with Boomers—are more likely than Gen X to say they miss having the chance to connect with like-minded people (23% Millennials, 14% Gen X, 21% Boomers). Younger churchgoers are also more likely than older generations to miss live music (20%) and volunteering (16%) at church, but are less likely to miss listening to a live sermon or homily (12%).

The data hint that while older generations are more likely to hold traditional church practices in high regard, younger generations are less likely to view these as important and instead long for chances to connect with and serve alongside others. Data was collected for all generations in this survey, however, the sample sizes for Gen Z and Elder churchgoers are too low to report on." - Barna Research

In addition, Barna asked pastors about their plans for services on Resurrection Day, Easter:

plans for Easter church

Photo Credit: Barna Research


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