Beloved Evangelist Luis Palau Battles Stage 4 Lung Cancer - There's An Encouraging Update

-----March 28, 2018-----

Update from Kevin Palau:

We had a very encouraging meeting with the doctors this morning regarding Dad’s chemotherapy treatment. We wanted to share it with you as soon as we could. After two months of therapy for Stage 4 lung cancer, the doctors were amazed at the results from the recent CT scan and blood work....

All tumors had shrunk by one-third! 
No new growth of the tumors whatsoever.
All fluid around the lungs was resolved.
Blood work looked good.
All tested levels looked normal.

PRAISE THE LORD! The medical team reiterated that this chemotherapy treatment was only expected to slow the growth of the tumors. They never expected the treatment to actually reverse the growth. Everyone is very encouraged and praising the Lord for the wonderful news.
Because of the great results, the doctors feel confident another round of this same therapy is the right step forward. So begins another two months of chemotherapy and then tests once again.
Praise the Lord with us! He is good! He is faithful. And His healing power is working in Dad’s body.
Please pray for this next round of chemotherapy treatment. Although results have been encouraging... amazing really... it’s not easy on Dad’s body. Pray for continued strength and peace.
It is still a battle. The outcome is still unknown. We take it one day at a time, trusting the Lord. But today we are very encouraged!

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