You Can Really Fry Your Eyes By Looking At The Eclipse

(POW-RADIO News - Billie Branham) – A big caution: Looking directly at the eclipse can damage your eyes. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to view it safely. Steven Beckwith is the professor of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley. He explains, “Make sure if you’re going to look at the eclipse that you do it safely. It’s not a good idea to look directly at the sun without protection.

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Be aware of recent scams involving counterfeit glasses. Some places are selling fakes that don’t provide any eye protection. Amazon just recalled glasses sold through its site because it couldn’t confirm where they were manufactured. If you want to be sure you’re getting the real deal, look for a label that includes “ISO 12312-2 standard”. Another tip: you shouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face while wearing them.

(Photo Credit: Tim Ebbs/Flickr via AP)

Most of us will have a great view of the eclipse, even if we’re not in the totality zone, or the area where the sun is completely blacked out by the moon. Professor Beckwith explains it’s not just the light that will change. He says, “The amount of sunlight drops pretty sharply. And because the sun provides most of the power for temperature, especially if you’re in a dry climate, you’ll feel the temperature drop very, very sharply.”

(Photo Credit: AP/Dmitry Lovetsky)

There’s a lot of buzz and excitement building up to this solar eclipse. Professor Beckwith says if you’re near enough to the totality zone, you should treat yourself to a rare view and drive there. Beckwith says, “It’ll be a great event. Not many people will be able to experience this in their lifetimes. And so it would be, I would say, a good idea if you have any interest at all to get out there and go see it.”

Professor Beckwith shares how to make devises to safely view the eclipse and how you can get photos of it:


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