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Hi I am asking for prayers for God to strengthen me more as I go through spiritual warfares.


I'm requesting prayer for my three month old niece who is hospitalized born with a condition that everything consumed including breast milk its not digesting she's throwing up everything. thanks for the prayers


Hi Evangelist, please pray for my sister's baby in the womb. She was pregnant last year with twins but lost the babies. She is pregnant again and the Dr told her there is no heart beat and the baby is dead. But I know that the God we served is able to heal and bring life to this baby. I don


For the past 10 years my husband and I have been trying to purchase a piece of land on which to build. Seven years ago, we applied for a lot on a government development and were offered a lot at approximately 76k, in line with our budget. The purchase was never completed for reasons unbeknownst to


Please pray for a sister whom I know and upholding in prayers ,she is Malkanthi from Srilnka having brain tumor, need a miracle .thank you


Protection over my children Better prayer Nd devotional life A apartment for.my family Get rid of unhealthy thoughts Forgiveness in my heart for my mom To forgive myself and to.come to terms with my past A healthy marriage Husband to have an encounter with Jesus and lead his home


Leaders and their family members.Satan uses the ones close to you to discourage the leaders of the church.


Please pray for me,I need a debt write off for my car.I didn't pay for years and I can't afford the amount that is due.I don't want to be put to shame.
Vasilla Loncke


Please support me in praying to The Lord our God to forgive the sins of Adieme's household and make peace,love,unity and forgiveness reign in our home. I also want you to support me in prayers to The Lord our God to honor His word given to me in the month of June 2012 to give me back all that I
Dennis Chidi Adieme


I need love and support I decided to give my life to Jesus please pray for


Greetings Pastor Anton, the song Remember Me is very timely and appropriate. I had been overcoming the feeling of rejection and feeling that I had been forgotten. Presently I would like you to partner with me in prayer to claim victory over my career and preparing myself for the person God has for


Could you agree with me in prayer to focus on the word of God and to grow in him. Thank you for your radio programme I really enjoy. I'm from Trinidad.


Please pray for my daughter Stephanie she has backslidden and because bad doctrine after being no longer of age in youth another gentlemen from her same ministry took her to a new wrong teaching church. She wanted to take her life but I talked her out of it. She is highly depress and now questions h


Evangelist Anton, this song is very timely and appropriate for all that I am going through. Please pray for me for spiritual strength and God's wisdom. Honestly, the way I am thinking right now is, "Where is God when it hurts?" This song describes my situation I am doing every

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Lord, I want to thank you for delivering me from a hidden curse. This was a spirit of low-self esteem and you revealed it and took it from me... Hallelujah......God is an awesome god you are worthy to be praised.


Jesus is about to heal my blind eye


I want to thank God for his saving Grace.He Is an Awesome God ,Nobody greater than HE.We were interceding for our sister Yvette who had to undergo a surgery .I am happy to say to you our prayer partners that she was successful and she is well.Amen


Evangelist good day Can you play for me Tear those wall down, not sure who sings it but it is an inspiration to me or Lord I love you. Lord I need you in the middle of the night

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