What is Pledge Drive?

Power of Worship focus is to encourage you to have meaningful relationship with Christ! When you give, you are funding the ministry of Power of Worship Radio for you and impacting others!   

The Power of Worship Difference is…

Most Radio stations play an average of 19 Commercials an hour. Not at Power of Worship Radio.
This means we can play more songs every hour than most radio stations.  

Power of Worship Radio is supported by your monthly donation.

Power of Worship Radio is not supported by a small group of large donors, a giant corporation, or some big church. Most people like you support Power of Worship with $40.00 per month.  

So what does my monthly support pay for?

  • Keeping the station on the air - Programming, business expenses, maintenance, publishing and streaming fees, etc.
  • Music - Power of Worship is music. While playing music on the radio sounds simple it's actually quite costly due to publishing rights, royalties, streaming fees, etc.
  • Christ-centered, clean entertainment for you and your family.  We are literally drowning in a sea of media-messages.  Power of Worship is giving you an alternative to all that other stuff.  
  • News from a Christian point of view.  On Power of Worship Radio, you’ll always know what’s going on, AND we’ll also tell you what’s going right!
  • Spiritual elements between the songs that keep you focused on God and help you grow spiritually.
  • A Refuge - For the single mom who is struggling to make ends meet, for the person thinking about taking their life, for the family in deep financial debt, someone who needs to hear for God and the right song comes on …  Power of Worship Radio is a refuge from the stresses of life – but so much more than that – Power of Worship Radio is about YOU, pointing towards the truth in God’s Word.  

What's an EZ Gift?

This is an automatic, monthly payment from your credit or debit card.  It saves the ministry money, which means we can put your gift to even better use!

If you are interested in making a challenge gift, please call 347-339-1765. 

Are my donations Tax Deductible?

Yes! Power of Worship Radio is governed by 501(c) 3 not-for-profit ministry.   

I have other questions can I call and ask?

Yes! Anytime day or night... 347-339-1765
 We're here to serve you, your family, and the your community in any way possible.

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