Pastor Appreciation Month

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month and we are so grateful for all the wonderful men and women of God that have dedicated their lives to serving God. Here at Power of Worship we want to take the time to celebrate our very own Pastor Anton! And we encourage you to do the same by sending us words of encouragement or letting Pastor Anton know just how much his ministry has impacted your life. To do this, click this link. Or you can bless him with a financial gift by clicking on this link. Whichever method you decide, remember Pastor Anton will love to hear from you!  

Now before you go, here are a few fun facts about Pastor Anton. 

  • He was born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Grenada, and I guarantee you, he only knows one national anthem but that doesn't stop him from claiming both nations as his own. 
  • He enjoys watching Kung Fu movies with his family but never watches the storyline, only for the moves.
  • Ever heard of sleepwalking, well Pastor Anton brings a new twist to this one, he "sleep preaches", which by the way startles his wife. Imagine waking up to hear, “Thus saith the Lord!” 

We look forward to reading many of your responses which will be aired on radio as a tribute to Pastor Anton. Therefore, let’s show Pastor Anton just how much he means to us! 


The Power of Worship Team


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