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We want to hear your God Stories.  Moments when God revealed a truth, healed a hurt or just overwhelmed you with his presence.  Perhaps it was a song, a spoken word or just a moment in time you will never forget.

Is it a Story or a Testimony?

Your testimony is your life story of walking with God.  It includes various chapters from how you answered Gods calling to how He has delivered you or even how His grace is abounding in your life.

The stories we seek are those moments in time you have seen God’s reflection.  They happen throughout each chapter of your life and usually focus on a key truth.  Because of this focus, they are easily shared with others in the most beneficial way.

So as you consider sharing a story, think of the moment and truth you learned as opposed to sharing an entire chapter or book.

We love hearing stories how God is working in your life! Maybe it's a song, something a DJ said or God showing up at just the right time! Inspire others by sharing your story, and keep in mind that when you submit your story, you are giving us permission to broadcast your story on the radio, use it in print publication, and/or publish it on the website or social media. Also, not all stories will show up on the website, and there may be a delay when they do show up. Thanks for sharing!

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